About us

We are Micah and Jason! We've recently we adopted our first child. A two year old staffordshire- pitbull mix named Arlo- Arlito for short. He enjoys the dual-income, millennial parents with no kids life!

Amidst library raids and Critical Race Theory being pulled from schools in Oklahoma. Jason decided to leave teaching middle school english and we took the opportunity to open our first bookshop.

Curated by us; Just two lovers of a horror/thriller lover and a dystopian/celeb non-fiction lover- who geek out over movies, cults (but not in a culty way, of course) and all things 90's and 2000's. 

As the new majority, we prioritize stories from authors of color and members of the queer community. We are passionate about books - they have the power to inspire, educate, and transform lives. And genuinely agree that banning books is an ignorant action to take.

Other than bar(K)

How to find us

We're currently a mobile bookshop! We setup at outdoor markets and businesses that align with our values. View our upcoming events below or follow us @thebannedpress for updates!

Upcoming Events